Vinyl vs. Fiberglass Windows: Which Type Is Best?

When you are planning a home improvement project in your home it is very important to think about all the minor details to make the whole project right. One of the most important details that will influence not only the visual appeal of the home or the appearance of your doors and windows but also has great influence on the energy efficiency and overall house performance. What we are talking about is the material of your new windows and doors. In the article below we compared fiberglass and vinyl as these are two most common windows and doors materials. So read on their overview to decide which one is best for your home.

Colors and Finishes

In terms of colors and possibilities of further changes fiberglass windows definitely win. So if you plan to install new windows in order to experiment with the colors and style in the future, then fiberglass will definitely be your best shot. You will be able to re-paint them and so match any future changes in your home.

With vinyl windows you will be limited to the number of possible colors, but you should not be worried about finding the right color for your windows and doors, because today manufacturers offer customized colors for any project you need.


In terms of strength fiberglass windows and doors will again be a better choice. According to the statistics you can expect fiberglass be up to nine times stronger than vinyl depending on the application of it. You need to also keep in mind though that strength of the material is not the most important thing to remember about when choosing new windows and doors but a good tip to recollect when needed.


As you might know, both vinyl and fiberglass are inert substances that cannot rot and are absolutely not tempting to any insects. In this respect vinyl and fiberglass windows and doors are in the same ballpark of durability, especially if compared to other materials.

But if you want to make one investment in your whole life then you need to get a fiberglass door installed, because statistics shows that fiberglass units will serve you around 38% longer if compared to vinyl.


In terms of cost vinyl doors and windows will definitely be more affordable for your budget. Fiberglass costs much more that vinyl even to produce, so the actual windows and doors made of fiberglass will be a pretty expensive purchase. You should also remember that vinyl windows are absolutely maintenance-free while fiberglass units may and most frequently will require re-painting and some other fixing work over the time.

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